Wrap your water heater and save utility dollars

A quick installation of a cheap water heater insulation blanket can save you $$$$ on your utility bill.
The blanket will add a layer of insulation around your water heater which helps to prevent heat loss. Heating your water is a big part of the utility bill so any increase in efficiency helps. You should be able to save a lot of money, especially if the water heater is located in an unheated space like a garage or an attic.

I was not sure if it would make a big difference since my water heater was cold to the touch. So I expected not a lot of lost heat. But once installed, it got toasty warm underneath the blanket which I did not expect. A few days after the installation, the basement was 2 degrees colder. If that drop is really due to the blanket, then it should yield some nice savings for a small investment. For the money, you can’t go wrong.

Water heater blankets are usually just a rectangular “sheets” of fiberglass insulation sandwiched between two thin vinyl layers. It gets cut to size and then wrapped around the water heater. The two loose ends get taped together to enclose the heater and to hold the blanket in place. Different size blankets with different R-values are available. The higher the R-value the better the insulation and the thicker the blanket. So make sure it fits your water heater and don’t forget to include the thickness of the blanket when you measure your water heater. They are up to 4 inch thick, so you have to add these 4 inches to your diameter (2 times). Most blankets should fit a 60 gallon heater. The only tool needed is a pair of scissors and may be some additional tape. The installation took only 20 minutes.

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